Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Papal Tombs and Monuments (1370-1447) Part VII

Pope Eugenius IV
Gabriele Cardinal Condulmer, Cardinal priest of San Clemente, then Cardinal priest of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Bishop of Siena, Abbot commendatario of the monasteries of S. Giorgio Maggiore and S. Salvatore, Venice; and of S. Giuliano, Rimini. Abbot commendatario of the monastery of S. Giustina, Padua. Elected Bishop of Rome on 3 March 1431 in the sacristy of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, taking the name Eugenius IV and was crowned on 11 March.

Pope Eugenius IV died on 23 February 1447, in Rome in the 16th year of his pontificate. He was buried in the church of San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome.

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