Sunday, November 25, 2007

Crown of Glory

Now that's what I call a mitre!

(Apparently it once graced the brow of Pio Nono)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Whispering the Wrong Number

Rocco Palmo needs to check his facts more. He states that Sean Brady becomes Ireland's eleventh cardinal when, in fact, he becomes its seventeenth, as I have already indicated!

Perhaps if Rocco had stated Brady is Ireland's eleventh residential cardinal I would not be so exercised!

Get your facts - or your words - right, Rocco!

Titles and deaconries assigned to the cardinals created in the consistory of November 24, 2007

What follows is the list of churches assigned to the new cardinals. An asterisk (*) indicates newly established titles or deaconries.

Leonardo Sandri, deaconry of Ss. Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari.

John Patrick Foley, deaconry of S. Sebastiano al Palatino.

Giovanni Lajolo, deaconry of S. Maria Liberatrice a Monte Testaccio.

Paul Josef Cordes, deaconry of S. Lorenzo in Piscibus.*

Angelo Comastri, deaconry of S. Salvatore in Lauro.*

Stanisław Ryłko, deaconry of S. Cuore di Cristo Re.

Raffaele Farina, S.D.B., deaconry of S. Giovanni della Pigna.

Agustín García-Gasco Vicente, title of S. Marcello.

Seán Baptist Brady, title of Ss. Quirico e Giulitta.

Lluis Martínez Sistach, title of S. Sebastiano alle Catacombe.

André Vingt-Trois, title of S. Luigi dei Francesi.

Angelo Bagnasco, title of Gran Madre di Dio.

Théodore-Adrien Sarr, title of S. Lucia a Piazza d'Armi.

Oswald Gracias, title of S. Paolo della Croce a "Corviale".

Francisco Robles Ortega, title of S. Maria della Presentazione.*

Daniel Nicholas DiNardo, title of S. Eusebio.

Odilio Pedro Scherer, title of S. Andrea al Quirinale.

John Njue, title of Preziossisimo Sangue di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo.*

Emmanuel III Delly, patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans.

Giovanni Coppa, deaconry of S. Lino.*

Estanislao Esteban Karlic, title of of Beata Maria Vergine Addolorata a piazza Buenos Aires.

Urbano Navarrete Cortés, S.J., deaconry of S. Ponziano.*

Umberto Betti, O.F.M., deaconry of Ss. Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What's Happening Tomorrow?


At 10.30 a.m. tomorrow, November 24, the Pope will hold an Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of 23 new cardinals.

The consistory for the creation of new cardinals, according to the new rite introduced during the consistory of June 28, 1991, contains the following points:

Following a liturgical greeting, the Pope reads the formula of creation, and solemnly proclaims the names of the new cardinals. The first of the new cardinals then addresses the Holy Father on behalf of everyone.

This is followed by the Liturgy of the Word, the Pope's homily, the Profession of Faith and the taking of the oath by each cardinal.

Each new cardinal then approaches the Holy Father and kneels before him to receive the cardinal's biretta and to be assigned a title or deaconry.

The Pope places the biretta on the cardinal's head and says, in part: "(This is) red as a sign of the dignity of the office of a cardinal, signifying that you are ready to act with fortitude, even to the point of spilling your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, for peace and harmony among the people of God, for freedom and the spread of the Holy Roman Catholic Church".

The Holy Father hands over the Bull of Creation as cardinal, assigns the title or deaconry and exchanges a kiss of peace with the new members of the College of Cardinals. The cardinals also exchange such a sign among themselves.

The rite is concluded with the Prayer of the Faithful, the recitation of the Our Father and the final blessing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Consistory Countdown

A couple of interesting sites on all things cardinal:

A blog covering the trip to Rome of Cardinal-elect DiNardo.

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