Saturday, October 20, 2007

Irish Cardinals

This week's announcement of the impending elevation to the sacred purple of Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh has resulted in some focus on the fact that Ireland has, for the first time, three Cardinals.

Well, it all depends on how you look at it...

...and I'm going to look at it in terms of Irish-born Cardinals.

Chronologically, the following men have become Cardinals:

Paul Cullen (Archbishop of Dublin). Created June 1866. Died October 1878.

Edward McCabe (Archbishop of Dublin). Created March 1882. Died February 1885.

Francis Moran (Archbishop of Sydney). Created July 1885. Died August 1911.

Michael Logue (Archbishop of Armagh). Created January 1893. Died November 1924.

John Farley (Archbishop of New York). Created November 1911. Died September 1918.

Patrick O'Donnell (Archbishop of Armagh). Created December 1925. Died October 1927.

Joseph MacRory (Archbishop of Armagh). Created December 1929. Died October 1945.

John Glennon (Archbishop of Saint Louis). Created February 1946. Died March 1946.

John D'Alton (Archbishop of Armagh). Created January 1953. Died February 1963.

Michael Browne OP (Master General of the Order of Preachers). Created March 1962. Died March 1971.

William Conway (Archbishop of Armagh). Created February 1965. Died April 1977.

Timothy Manning (Archbishop of Los Angeles). Created March 1973. Died June 1989.

Tomas O'Fiaich (Archbishop of Armagh). Created June 1979. Died May 1990.

Cahal Daly (Archbishop of Armagh). Created June 1991.

Desmond Connell (Archbishop of Dublin). Created February 2001.

Keith O'Brien (Archbishop of Saint Andrews). Created October 2003.

Sean Brady (Archbishop of Armagh). Created November 2007.

Until the elevation of Cardinal O'Brien, there had never been more that two Irish Cardinals at any one time:

Moran and Logue;
Logue and Farley;
D'Alton and Browne;
Browne and Conway;
Conway and Manning;
Manning and O'Fiaich;
Daly and Connell.

In 2003 Daly and Connell were joined by O'Brien. Now they have been joined by Brady. That makes four Irish Cardinals with, for the first time, three of them being or having been residential Irish bishops.

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