Sunday, August 19, 2007

Papal Tombs and Monuments (1370-1447) Part V

Pope Gregory XII

Angelo Cardinal Correr, Cardinal priest of San Marco, Latin Patriarch of Constantinople. Elected Bishop of Rome on 30 November 1406 in Rome, taking the name Gregory XII, and was crowned on 19 December.

Pope Gregory XII resigned the papacy on 4 July 1415 in the Council of Constance in the 9th year of his pontificate. The Council granted him the title of Cardinal Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina and the rank immediately after the pope; as well as the legation, for life, of Marche Anconitana. His abdication allowed the end of the Western Schism.

Cardinal Correr died 0n 18 October 1417 in Recanati. He was buried in the cathedral of Recanati.

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