Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ireland's Non Residential Cardinals (Part IV)

Michael Cardinal Browne


May 6, 1887, Grangemokler, Ireland.


Joined the Order of Preachers, 1903, Tallaght, Dublin; Rockwell College; Convent of S. Clemente, Rome; Theological Faculty, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Pre-Episcopal Career

Ordained, May 21, 1910, Rome. Faculty member and master of novices in the convent of Taillight, 1910-1919. Faculty member of the Pontifical International Institute "Angelicum," Rome, 1919-1932; 1941-1951. Prior of the convent of S. Clemente, Rome, 1925-1930. Rector magnifico of the Pontifical International Institute "Angelicum," Rome, 1932-1941. Master of the Sacred Palace, 1951-1955. Elected master general of the Order of Preachers, April 11, 1955.


Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of March 19, 1962; received the red hat and the deaconry of S. Paolo alla Regola, March 22, 1962.

Episcopal Career

Elected titular archbishop of Idebesso, April 5, 1962. Consecrated, April 19, 1962, patriarchal Lateran basilica, Rome, by Pope John XXIII, assisted by Cardinal Giuseppe Pizzardo and by Cardinal Benedetto Aloisi Masella. Attended the Second Vatican Council, 1962-1965. Participated in the conclave of 1963. Attended the I Ordinary Assembly of the World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 29 to October 29, 1967. Lost the right to participate in the conclave by being older than eighty years, January 1, 1971.

March 31, 1971, Rome. Buried, Dominican convent of Tallaght, Dublin.

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