Sunday, March 25, 2007

Discerning the Terna

The BBC's William Crawley has written a very interesting post on his blog, Will and Testament, concerning the appointment of a new bishop for Ireland's second largest diocese, Down and Connor. The current incumbent, Patrick Walsh, submitted his resignation upon reaching his 75th birthday last April (2006). The post includes a letter and questionnaire/job description, supposedly sent by Irish Papal Nuncio, Giuseppe Lazzarotto, to certain persons within the diocese. The questionnaire certainly exercised the righteous indignation of a panel on Crawley's programme, Sunday Sequence. The general consensus was that as a job description the questionnaire fell very far shot of what is acceptable in the modern world.

Click HERE to read what he has written.


Michael N. Hull said...

I've seen your comments on the Crawley blog.

I would welcome comments from some of your colleagues on "The Jesus Project"

This is a blog in which a number of churches are involved here in the USA and Ireland but I would like to get some further opinions into the thread of thinking as a way of understanding how others view things.

I'm interested in well drafted rational statements of views.

I moderate the blog but unless something is clearly out of line I approve all comments for publication.

Best wishes,
Michael N. Hull

Anonymous said...
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