Sunday, April 15, 2007

Papal Tombs and Monuments 1655-1799 (Part II)

Pope Clement IX

His Eminence Giulio Cardinal Rospigliosi, Cardinal Priest of San Sisto, Secretary of State. Elected Bishop of Rome on 20 June 1667 in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, taking the name Clement IX.

Pope Clement IX died on 9 December 1669 in Rome. He was buried on 12 December under the pavement of the patriarchal Liberian basilica (St Mary Major) with a simple epitaph: Clementis IX, Cineres. His successor, Pope Clement X, erected an elegant monument in his memory at the right side of the nave of that basilica, near the door.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen this monument at St. Mary Major's in Rome, and it is a very impressive yet tasteful display of respect to a wonderful pope. Clement IX only reigned for thirty months but made a deep impression on the Church as a genuine Christ-like patriarch. He even heard the confessions of the faithful at St. Peter's on a regular basis. A very spiritual man who loved the arts and all of God's people, he truly deserves to be esteemed in blessed memory. Byron Hoover