Saturday, April 14, 2007

Papal Tombs and Monuments 1655-1799 (Part I)

Pope Alexander VII
His Eminence Fabio Cardinal Chigi, Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria del Popolo, Bishop of Imola, Secretary of State. Elected Bishop of Rome on 7 April 1655 in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, taking the name Alexander VII.

Pope Alexander VII died on 22 May 1667 in Rome, in the 13th year of his pontificate. He was buried on 25 May in the Patriarchal Vatican Basilica.
Alexander VII's funeral monument is the last great masterpiece of the 80-year old Gian Lorenzo Bernini (assisted by various artists). The Pontiff, kneeling and absorbed in prayer, is not disturbed by the sudden appearance of Death, who, raising a heavy pall, brandishes an hour-glass to indicate that time has passed.

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