Thursday, April 28, 2011

Archbishop William Crolly

William Crolly was Archbishop of Armagh from 1835 to 1849. He was born at Ballykilbeg, near Downpatrick on 8 June 1780. He studied at Maynooth and was ordained priest in 1806. Fr Crolly was appointed Bishop of Down and Connor in 1825 in succession to Dr Patrick MacMullan. In 1835 Dr Crolly was appointed Archbishop of Armagh in succession to Dr Thomas Kelly. During his episcopate he began the construction of St Patrick's Cathedral (which was not completed until 24 years after his death). Archbishop Crolly died of cholera on 6 April 1849 and was buried in the centre of the choir of the still-unfinished cathedral.

Image of the statue of Archbishop Crolly, St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh.

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