Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cardinal Secretary of State Sets out the Agenda

Before their meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and his top lieutenants, the Irish bishops concelebrated mass in the grotto of St Peter's Basilica. The main celebrant was the Vatican's Secretary of State Tarcision Cardinal Bertone.

In his homily, Cardinal Bertone urged the Irish bishops to consider their trials with joy because, while on the one hand they humiliate, on the other hand they test faith, producing patience and perseverance.

He added that, for the Church, these tests “may come from outside or inside. Both are painful, but those that come from within are naturally hard and humiliating”.

He described the trials facing the Catholic community in Ireland as “a serious test” which “sees some churchmen involved in particularly abhorrent acts”.

He said “this kind of test strips us of any false security and pushes us to entrust ourselves to God alone”.

Because only if we are “true and sincerely humble” can “the grace of God act and we achieve a true rebirth”.

The Cardinal warned against the temptation to discouragement and despair touching the hearts of believers, shaking their faith and threatening their ability to trust God.

For this reason, he concluded, the bishop’s must accept Gods will with a “good and faithful heart in order to receive the full force of renewal”.
Text adapted from The Irish Times.

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