Saturday, January 05, 2008

Even More Careless Whispers

In his latest posting about the first US Cardinal, John McCloskey, the increasingly historically unreliable Rocco Palmo tells us:

In 1875, the emergence of American Catholicism on the universal stage was
heralded by Pope Pius IX's appointment of Archbishop John McCloskey of New York as the nation’s first cardinal.

Forty-six US prelates have since joined the college of cardinals, including six of McCloskey's Big Apple successors.
That implies that there have been a total of 47 US cardinals. In fact there have been 48.

They are:

Baum, William Wakefield (1976)
Bernardin, Joseph Louis (1983)
Bevilacqua, Anthony Joseph (1991)
Brennan, Francis James (1967)
Carberry, John Joseph (1969)
Cody, John Patrick (1967)
Cooke, Terence James (1969)
Cushing, Richard James (1958)
Dearden, John Francis (1969)
DiNardo, Daniel Nicholas (2007)
Dougherty, Denis Joseph (1921)
Dulles, S.J., Avery Robert (2001)
Egan, Edward Michael (2001)
Farley, John Murphy (1911)
Foley, John Patrick (2007)
George, O.M.I., Francis Eugene (1998)
Gibbons, James (1886)
Glennon, John Joseph (1946)
Hayes, Patrick Joseph (1924)
Hickey, James Aloysius (1988)
Keeler, William Henry (1994)
Krol, John Joseph (1967)
Law, Bernard Francis (1985)
Levada, William Joseph (2006)
McCarrick, Theodore Edward (2001)
McCloskey, John (1875)
McIntyre, James Francis (1953)
Mahony, Roger Michael (1991)
Maida, Adam Joseph (1994)
Manning, Timothy (1973)
Medeiros, Humberto Sousa (1973)
Meyer, Albert Gregory (1959)
Mooney, Edward Aloysius (1946)
Muench, Aloisius Joseph (1959)
Mundelein, George William (1924)
O'Boyle, Patrick Aloysius (1967)
O'Connell, William Henry (1911)
O'Connor, John Joseph (1985)
O'Hara, C.S.C. John Francis (1958)
O'Malley, O.F.M.Cap., Seán Patrick (2006)
Rigali, Justin Francis (2003)
Ritter, Joseph Elmer (1961)
Shehan, Lawrence Joseph (1965)
Spellman, Francis Joseph (1946)
Stafford, James Francis (1998)
Stritch, Samuel Alphonse (1946)
Szoka, Edmund Casimir (1988)
Wright, John Joseph (1969)

However Rocco's not the only one to be talking through his hat (or in this case should that be biretta) when it comes to Cardinal McCloskey. In the current edition of Catholic New York, Cardinal Edward Egan, reflects on his precedessor in the following words:

The future Cardinal was born on March 12, 1810, two years after his newly wed parents arrived in New York from Northern Ireland.
Quite an achievement for Ma and Pa McCloskey as Northern Ireland did not come into existence until mid 1921!

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